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About Timebank

Taranaki TimeBank is a community network where individual and community group members come together to exchange skills, time, resources and knowledge, to foster relationships of trust and generosity.

We began our journey in 2012 in New Plymouth, Hāwera in 2016, and we are growing timebanking communities around the region from Waitara (and further north) to Waitōtara.

Taranaki Timebank is committed to enhancing the lives of members and the wider community through our wide range of trade opportunities, activities and events. 

Taranaki Timebank is driven by the values shared by all Timebanks worldwide:


We are all assets. Every person has something to contribute.


Redefining work. Important work isn’t always paid work. All kinds of work need to be honoured and rewarded. Some forms of work are more valuable than the cost associated with them; like building strong families and safe, connected neighbourhoods.

Reciprocity. Relationships are about giving and receiving. “You need me” or “I need you” becomes “We need each other.”

Social networks. People looking out for each other helps to weave communities of support, strength and trust. We embrace diversity.

Respect. All of us matter and are accountable to one another. 

We are part of a growing world-wide movement that was popularised in USA by Edgar Cahn in the 1990’s.

We respond to the interests of our timebank community to provide experiences that enhance their wellbeing, and opportunities to learn new skills and give back to our communities.


Living sustainably is a passion of many members which led to the development of our Kai Resilience and Upsewing Taranaki programmes.

Rarangahia Tātou - Putting the Unity back in Community

Taranaki Timebank Team

Ō Mātou Kōrero
Our Members’ Stories

Timebank Taranaki has been a rich source of community for me.

Timebank Taranaki has quickly become a cornerstone of community connection and support for me in just 7 months. Through engaging with Timebank, I've had the opportunity to meet numerous new people and share my skills while receiving invaluable assistance in return.


From helping small businesses establish their online presence to finding gardening assistance and forming lasting friendships, Timebank has enriched my life in countless ways.


The diversity of skills available, from website development to dog sitting to holistic therapies, is remarkable and I'm eager to continue nurturing my involvement with Timebank and its vibrant community, grateful for the sense of abundance and goodwill it fosters among its members.

Timebank is an incredible resource and I appreciate the people running it put a lot of effort into engaging members and growing the community. 

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Our Vision

Our Vision: “Rarangahia Tātou - Putting the Unity back in Community” - by exchanging skills and experience for time, rather than money, to enhance the lives of Taranaki TimeBank members and our local communities.  

Our Mission

Our Mission: Through exchanging skills, time and knowledge we foster relationships of trust and reciprocity. We harness the real wealth of the community and the value of each individual. Everyone has something of value to share and some forms of work are more valuable than the cost associated with them; like building strong families and safe, connected neighbourhoods.

Taranaki Timebank NZ Opportunities

Timebank would like to thank the below Sponsors and Funders

We couldn't support our community without you.

Our Sponsors & Funders

Taranaki Timebank NZ Sponsor
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Taranaki Timebank NZ Sponsor

Key Partners

South Taranaki Creative Space
Crop Swap Aotearoa Logo Taranaki
Access Radio Taranaki
Sustainable Taranaki
Neighbours Aotearoa Taranaki
Seed Savers Taranaki
Goldbush Micro Farm

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