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50 Ways to Grow Your Social Connections

Our country is experiencing enormous change and we have all been impacted by it in one way or another. Stress levels are up and for many of us, our relationships have been impacted, work has changed, and our kids or mokopuna are feeling the strain. Can you relate? If yes, you've come to a great place to find support and community connection.

"Rarangahia tātou - putting the unity back into community" we say. 

Want to know more about how timebanking can help you grow a support system?
We have 50 ways to get you started...


About Taranaki Timebank

We connect in person as we exchange our skills for time credits rather than monetary payment, and in these Covid days, we can easily trade skills online too. Community cuppas, potlucks, picnics, working bees, and online and in-person workshops are other ways we help each other. 

A community of practical people
Taranaki Timebank is a community of people who help each other in all kinds of practical ways. And in the process our lives are enriched as we build a network of new friends who embrace reciprocity and mutual respect, each person's contribution however big or small, is valued.

Timebanking is simple
You earn time credits by doing services for other members.
One hour = one time credit
A timebank account keeps track of your time credits, which you can exchange for services offered by other timebank members.

Taranaki Timebank Social Connections
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