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Māmā noa iho.
Using the Timebank is easy.

One hour’s work = one time credit.

You earn credits by doing something for someone else.

You use your credits when somebody else does something for you.

Timebank members make offers and requests.

An offer is something that you can do for someone else.

A request is something that you’d like someone to do for you.

Hours are logged through our online system. This keeps track of all your trading.

The exchange looks like this:

Taranaki TimeBank Process NZ

What's important to you?

We love this short video made by Wellington Timebank because it described so well the history, values and vision for Timebanking not only in Aotearoa, but globally. Timebanking is a movement that provides enormous value and pride to communities involved.

Is Timebank right for you? Use this quick checklist to join with confidence

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