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Visit the TimeOverflow website to sign in to the portal:
post requests, offers and transfer your Timebank credits. 

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There's also an app! Click here or search in your AppStore for TimeOverflow

If you're ready to Join Timebank:

Please click the button below to fill in the Sign up form so we have all your details. If you like you can set up a 'Get Started Session' so we can show you how the website works, by following the Book a Get Started Session button, or we will contact you to set up.

STEP 1: 


If you need any assistance with the above, please contact us

Taranaki Timebank

Account Number:  15-3953-0775845-00

Taranaki Timebank is registered under the Societies Act, donation IRD refunds do not apply. 

If you require a receipt please contact

Taranaki Timebank NZ
Taranaki Timebank NZ
Taranaki Timebank NZ
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